Meghan McCain Slams Coronavirus Toilet Licker From Viral Video With Profanity-Laced Comment

A worldwide pandemic (or ever) is not exactly the time to go around licking toilet seats, something Meghan McCain wanted to make clear after a TikTok user attempted to start a "Coronavirus Challenge." Over the weekend, a TikTokker named Ava Louise uploaded a video of herself licking a toilet seat on an airplane, which The View co-host had no time for.

On Monday, Louise tweeted that the video was "a successful PR stunt." She also tweeted a screenshot from an Insider article about her video and wrote "YALL IM SO FUNNY." Louise told Insider she made the video because she was "tired of some b— named corona getting more publicity than ME."

"The xenophobia makes me sad," she said. "What's not gunna make people sad is a hot rich blonde 20-something-year-old licking a toilet. It's not like the virus can kill me anyway because I don't use Facebook."

"It was iconic," she added. "ALS bucket challenge could never ... Period."

Louise, whose Twitter bio describes her as "skinny n problematic," explained that there's "no harm done" from the video because "hot blondes" can recover from anything.

"I just wanted more attention than this corona b— but she's GOOD," she said. "So I capitalized off her. And now I'm like global news. My mom told me she's proud of me I shed light on pandemic while wearing Fendi sunglasses ... The serve."

There are currently over 3,700 confirmed cases in the United States and 69 deaths. Worldwide, the death toll has risen to over 6,500. Beginning last week, some U.S. cities have ordered the closures of bars, restaurants and cinemas and the CDC recently recommended that all social gatherings of over 50 people be canceled for the next eight weeks. Countries around the world are restricting travel, and while some are simply encouraging citizens to self-quarantine, others are on lockdown and have put strict measures into place, depending on the severity of the virus in the area. It now remains to be seen whether the United States will do the same.


Photo Credit: Getty / Bravo