Inside Matt Lauer’s Life Since ‘Today’ Show Firing

Matt Lauer seems to have one thing on his mind since his highly-publicized termination from The Today Show, and that's being a dedicated father.

The former co-anchor of TV's top-rated morning show has developed a stay-at-home dad routine, and sources say he keeps a tight schedule, and his whole day revolves around his kids.

Lauer is often photographed picking up breakfast at Jimmy Jims Deli in Sag Harbor. The shop is one of the first places he was seen after news of his alleged sexual misconduct broke, and reporters in the Hamptons say he stops by there several days a week.

"Matt is a good customer of ours," an insider at the deli told Entertainment Tonight. "He's a really nice guy."

Most days, Lauer drops his kids off at school and picks them up at the end of the day. He and his wife, Dutch model Annette Roque, have three children — 16-year-old Jack, 14-year-old Romy and 11-year-old Thijs. While Lauer's future with Roque is uncertain, it seems his place as the patriarch of his family is safe for now.

Lauer is often seen dropping lunch off for his kids as well. He's a frequent customer of Harbor Market and Kitchen, where award-winning chef Paul Del Favero serves up pizzas that Lauer drives over to the school, along with a bag of chips.

As for his marriage to Roque, things aren't looking as hopeful. As previously reported, Roque kicked Lauer out of the family home in the Hamptons, though, as he was paid $20 million a year prior to November, he has other places nearby to stay. Both he and Roque have been photographed several times without their wedding rings, and inside sources — including Roque's father — have told reporters from various outlets that the two will likely divorce.

However, they're still seen together regularly at the family horse farm, which Lauer had built to keep his wife happy. Even after Lauer was reportedly kicked out of the house, they were seen at the farm together on Monday.

"They both arrived at 10:55 a.m., but in separate cars," Entertainment Tonight reported. "The kids were not with them. They were both there for about an hour and a half before leaving in separate cars."

Overall, Lauer is reportedly intent on keeping a low profile and salvaging what he can of his marriage and his relationship with his kids.


"His only focus right now is his family," an insider told ET. "He's with them in the Hamptons and he's working on keeping a low profile while he deals with this tough situation."