Mark Consuelos Debuts New Bicep Tattoo Ahead of Reuniting With Kelly Ripa Following 'Riverdale' Filming Bubble

Mark Consuelos has debuted a new bicep tattoo ahead of reuniting with his wife Kelly Ripa. Consuelos has been in a filming bubble while shooting the new season of Riverdale. Taking to Instagram, the actor revealed that he got some new ink while filming in Vancouver: a skeleton on the run while holding a clock and wearing a sombrero and pointing a gun behind him. Consuelos tagged Canada-based tattoo artist, Kaiju, in the post.

Consuelos has had to remain in Canada for the past few months while filming Riverdale, as the coronavirus pandemic has led film and TV productions to enable strict and necessary guidelines and procedures in order to keep all cast and crew safe. Notably, the new ink that Consuelos got in Canada is not his first. The actor also has a tattoo on his right shoulder. This appears to possibly be the same arm as his new skeleton tattoo.

In Riverdale, Consuelos plays Hiram Lodge, the dashing and dangerous criminal father of Veronica Lodge, played by Camila Mendes. Speaking about the character, Consuelos says that "Hiram is so far away from who I'd ever be." He went on to tell Esquire in 2019, "I don't think I've ever played anybody this evil, and it's so fun."

"I’ve played a good guy for so many years. But with the last four or five roles, the good guy wasn’t so one dimensional," he went on to say. "Each character was getting a little douchey or flawed, so I think that’s really what prepared me for this role. Of course, nothing really prepares you for something quite like Riverdale."


Consuelos later joked about his costuming on the show, revealing that he is normally donning very tight suits that make it hard to move around. "Sometimes if I drop something, I couldn't pick it up. Some episodes you can see that I'm losing consciousness because my collar is so tight."

He continued, "I’ll be nodding off and producers are like, 'What are you doing?' I have to say, 'OK, fine. I had pizza last night.' It really keeps me in check. But the suit is part of his look. It helps me physically and mentally feel like, OK, I could be that guy. It's just so precise and tight." Riverdale Season 4 concluded earlier this year, with Season 5 set to debut in January 2021.