Mama June Twitter Fan Asks Her to 'Love Herself' Because Fans 'Like Myself That Watch the Show Love You'

One of Mama June Shannon's Twitter fans has publicly asked her to "love herself" because fans "like myself that watch the show love you."

The comment came in response to an old tweet that Shannon posted about her daughter Alana appearing on Dancing with the Stars.

"You continuously fail your daughters. You've had relationships with the worst of the worst," the fan tweeted. "You should learn to love yourself mama June all the people like myself that watch the show love you."

Notably, at the time she posted the tweet, back in March, fans found it surprising that she was not addressing her recent arrest for crack possession.

Many also suggested that she move on from her boyfriend Geno, who they seem to hold responsible for her legal troubles.

"Get some help for real and ditch the enabler," one fan commented. "Ya you'll get all sorts of offers now but they'll stop as soon as your heart does. Think of your kids, grand kids, and your own well being . Take time off, get well then come back with a vengeance. You CAN do this!"

Shannon is not without her defenders, though, as at least one fan attempted to explain her situation to others.


"On the episode June is as surprised as everyone," the fan stated. "She had no idea why he was being arrested and they had did not find the crack until he was booked. Everyone's been hard on her for no reason. She doesn't know why he's acting so strange."

According to reports, Shannon's family has held an intervention for her and it has been featured in an episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot.