Luke Bryan Praises Katy Perry's Insights Ahead of His Own Las Vegas Residency

Luke Bryan kicked off his first Las Vegas residency on Feb. 11, and he's gotten a lot of advice from his fellow American Idol judges. Bryan will be taking the stage at Resorts World Las Vegas, where Katy Perry had her Play residency. "Katy, I've been talking to her... She said, 'It's just a big, big stage,'" Bryan told Entertainment Tonight ahead of his first show.

However, he admitted that his country music show is a bit different than her "theatrical" pop fever dream. "I don't take myself very seriously, to just stand there and try to be real theatrical," Bryan explained. "I wanna be energetic. [I want to put on a] rockin' show where people are just having fun. I want moments where I interact with the crowd too."

Their third host, Lionel Richie, is also performing in Vegas with Lionel Richie: Back to Las Vegas! and has offered Bryan some words of encouragement as well. "We were on [the American Idol] set and I'm like, 'Man, I'm worried about this Vegas thing,'" Bryan remembered. "Lionel said, 'You'll be all right, little buddy.'" Bryan also hopes that at some point their paths could cross on the Vegas stage. "I hope that Katy and I and Lionel's world intersect where we can get on the stage with one another," he said.

However, even if his fellow judges can't stop by, he has plans for many special guests during his residency. "With so many artists and singers that come through, I mean, there's no telling," Bryan said coyly. He joked that his famous friends "better not call me and tell me they're in town, 'cause I'm going to give them an ultimatum to come by here and get on stage with me."

Ultimately, Bryan hopes that his residency is an exciting production. "We've been rehearsing all week. We came in with a lot of anxieties about [not being able to] rehearse with all of this in Nashville or off site. We really had to build it quickly, but we've been building it via emails," Bryan said. "We knew there was still a lot to tinker with and blocking, but at our first run through yesterday, we were like, 'We've got a show. This is going to be amazing.'"

"The most critical thing in entertainment is walking out there and being confident and knowing you got the show handled, and we've got that handled," Bryan declared. "We're going to have a great time."