Lindsey Morgan Looks Back at Final Season of 'The 100' (Exclusive)

The 100 came to an end in September after seven seasons. And while it had a memorable run, fans and cast members will miss the post-apocalyptic drama which aired on The CW. recently caught up with Lindsey Morgan, who played Raven Reyes on The 100 and looked back on a wild seventh season.

"I thought it was bonkers," Morgan said on our PopCutlure@Home series when talking about the ending of the show. "What we were able to pull off, I just astounded. We reinvented the wheel every season. It's a new show every season. I don't know if everyone quite realizes how difficult that is." Morgan went on to say she didn't know how the show was going to end." When she read the ending she said it was "genuine to the story." She also noted that the ending "fit the lure of The 100 extremely well."

"It wasn't perfect, but the seventh season was really difficult," Morgan added. "We had to re-write it like four times while we were shooting. A lot of people don't know how insane that is and that changes everything. ...We were facing a lot of upheaval in the seventh season. Knowing that and being there behind the scenes for everything that went down and still getting the ending we got and the story we were able to tell and the end was remarkable and ambitious."

The 100 featured a strong cast which included Eliza Taylor, Richard Harmon, and Zack McGowan. Over the course of the series, Kelly Hu, Isaiah Washington and Thomas McDonnell were just a few of the stars who appeared in the series. Morgan said she continues to keep in touch with the cast since she was on the show since the second season.

"They're my family," Morgan stated. "I filmed that in Canada, and now I'm in Texas. A good majority of all my friends are still in Canada so much so that me and my fiancé want to have our wedding in Canada. It really was a home, and the people that I worked with became my family. I still talk to the majority of them almost once a week to every day."


As Morgan moves on from The 100, she will stay in The CW family, starring in the new series Walker with Supernatural alum Jared Padalecki. It was the network that thought of Morgan for the new show, which made her happy since Walker is filmed in her home state of Texas.

"They actually came to me with the project," Morgan said when talking about The CW executives. "They knew I was a Texas native and I've been filming The 100 in Canada for the last seven years. I haven't been home in a decade. Luckily, they had this amazing project and thought of me for it."