Lindsay Lohan Acting Like Dina Lohan's 'Momager' for 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina Lohan says her daughter is acting like her "Momager" for her upcoming stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

While speaking to ET, Dina said, Lohan was taking care of things for her and making sure she had everything she needed.

"She packed my suitcase for me. She gave me a list of things," Dina said, then adding that her 32-year-old has definitely become the new "momager" in their family.

"She did! She got all this makeup for the house or to share with everyone there so yeah. You know, she way overpacked. I'm not allowed to bring it all, but it's better to have more than less, I guess," Dina continued.

The mom-of-four also explained that she spoke with all of her kids before deciding to agree to doing the CBS reality TV series, saying, "I watched it first, asked my children, and then I said, 'This is kind of cool 'cause I'm kind of empty nesting.' "

Regarding her mindset going into the show, Dina says that she plans to be bold and assertive, admitting, "I'm not a fighter. I'm kind of a lover, but I'm definitely gonna be a little quiet in the beginning 'cause I wanna see who people are and what they're about."

She also addressed the possibility of finding a romantic interest while in the Big Brother house, revealing, "I'm sort of seeing someone. That's hard 'cause I talk to him everyday so that's pretty hard. No [I won't be hooking up]! That's what the kids do."

Big Brother is not the only reality TV series that she would like to appear on, as Dina mentioned another show that she may be interested in pursuing later. "I'd love to do Dancing With the Stars," she confessed. "My mother, we watch that show all the time. I get nervous for the performers though. I taught dance too, so I get a little nervous for them. My mother's like, 'They get hurt on that show. You're gonna get hurt.' "

Finally, Dina dropped some interesting details about the possibility of a Mean Girls sequel happening, sharing that Lohan and the rest of the cast are interested in revisiting the franchise.

"I want there to be another one, but we have to wait 'til Tina [Fey] gets through with the Broadway show," she said, referring to the Mean Girls musical that is currently playing on Broadway. "It'd be so cool 'cause all the girls are very into it."


Fans of Celebrity Big Brother can see Dina on the new season of the show when it premieres Monday, Jan. 21, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.