Exclusive: Why Kristin Cavallari Will Never Show Her Kids on Television

Kristin Cavallari is completely on board for a Laguna Beach or The Hills reunion, don't get her wrong. But you'll never see any of her three kids on television.

The MTV personality is mom to sons Camden, 5, Jaxon, 3, and daughter Saylor, 2, sharing parenting responsibilities with husband and NFL player Jay Cutler.

Now that she's a mom, the 31-year-old is not ashamed of her days hashing out drama on the west coast, but she likely won't be returning to her role in the O.C. anytime soon.

"There were talks about it for a minute, but I don't think anything's happening," she told PopCulture.com exclusively at the Tuesday, March 27 premiere party for her Nashville retail store, Uncommon James. "I was 100 percent on board. It's not because of me it's not happening."

And while Cavallari won't comment on rumors that she's currently filming a reality show based on her life as a fashion designer and businesswoman, as reported by TMZ last month, she has already set a limit for filming as it comes to her family.

"I would still never put my kids on a reality TV show," she told PopCulture.com exclusively. "I've always said that I'd be open to it if it was something in the fashion world, or you know about my business and my brand, so I stick to that."

She also explained her reasoning for keeping her kids away from the cameras and off of social media for the most part.

"I just want them to have the choice," she added. "You know, they're 5, 3 and 2, I don't wanna make the choice for them if they want to put their lives all over TV. I mean I don't even put them on social media, you know, show their faces."

Cavallari continued: "When they're old enough to make that decision I want them to have that decision, I don't want to rob them of that."

There might not be Cavallari kiddos involved in any kind of Laguna Beach or The Hills reboot, but the Balancing in Heels author still appreciates the fandom that is behind bringing back the old show.


"It's really cool, it's really cool," she told PopCulture.com. "I mean, it means a lot."

Photo credit: Instagram/Kristin Cavallari