Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Sued for $500,000 Over Alleged Dog Bite Incident

Kristin Cavallari and ex-husband Jay Cutler have been sued for $500,000 by a man who claims that one of their two German Shepherd dogs bit him in June 2020 while he was installing cable and satellite service at a home in Franklin, Tennessee. E! News reports that the complaint was filed on April 13 by Alabama resident Nathan Beam, who requested up to $500,000 to compensate him for medical expenses, emotional distress, pain and more.

Beam, a cable and satellite installer, claims that the incident took place when he was invited to the property to perform an installation. The home was purchased in May 2020 by the third defendant, Next Chapter, LLC. Beam claims that neither Cavallari nor Cutler were at home while he arrived but that their two dogs were on the property unrestrained. He added that he did not receive a "warning" about the dogs' alleged "dangerous" behavior.

He claims that when he was leaving the house, he encountered one of the dogs, "believed to be named 'Kona," standing in front of the driver's side door of his truck and blocking him. The filing alleges that as Beam picked something up off the ground, the dog's "mouth and teeth clamped down" on his left thumb and fingernail and "would not let go for several seconds."

Beam states that he did not "entice, disturb, alarm, harass, or otherwise provoke the dog," and after telling Cavallari's assistant about the alleged attack, the assistant reportedly gave him a paper towel and told him to leave the property immediately. "Cavallari and Cutler should be held liable regardless of whether the dogs had shown any dangerous propensities," the suit states.


Beam claims that he has endured physical pain, mental suffering, medical bills, visible disfigurement, scarring, lost wages and permanent impairment and disability, among other injuries, after the alleged incident. His lawyer also pointed to photos Cavallari has posted on social media of the dogs in which she used the hashtags #DontMessWithThisCrew and #TrainedKiller to describe the animals, also referring to one of them as a "Beast."

Summons have been issued for Cavallari and Cutler, though it is not clear what connection they have to the Franklin home, which is in Williamson County. Cavallari is listed as living at a different address in Williamson County and Cutler's address is listed as being in Davidson County. Cavallari and Cutler announced in April 2020 that they were separating after seven years of marriage.