Kevin Spacey Responds to Sexual Assault Allegations, 'House of Cards' Firing In-Character as Frank Underwood

Kevin Spacey posted a baffling video on YouTube on Monday, seeming to address the allegations against him in character as House of Cards' Frank Underwood.

Spacey uploaded the video to his own YouTube account on Christmas Eve, titling it simply "Let Me Be Frank." He stood in a dimly lit kitchen wearing a holiday-themed apron, delivering a monologue that could apply to both himself and his character. He shared the video across Facebook and Twitter as well.

"I know what you want," he says in the clip, looking straight into the camera. "You want me back."

Frank Underwood was last seen on the Netflix original drama at the end of season 5, when his wife Claire (Robin Wright) assumed the presidency and did not pardon him for his crimes as planned. In the sixth and final season, it was revealed that Frank is dead. However, Spacey's monologue suggests otherwise.

Meanwhile, Spacey faced several of accusations of sexual assault and harassment between the fifth and sixth seasons. He was fired by Netflix and sunk into obscurity. His speech on Monday seemed to be written with a double meaning in mind.

"Of course, some believed everything," he said, "and have just been waiting with bated breath to hear me confess it all. They're just dying to have me declare that everything said is true, and I got what I deserved. Wouldn't that be easy? If it was all so simple."

Spacey's words were vague enough to refer to both the allegations against him and the crimes his character committed on the show. However, the whole thing seemed to lean more toward his personal life, as he used Underwood's voice to demand his fans reconsider their opinion of him.

"You wouldn't believe the worst without evidence, would you? You wouldn't rush to judgement without facts, would you?" he asked. "Did you?"

He went on like that for just over three minutes, delivering more sinister lines that may leave sexual assault victims deeply offended, including: "in life and art, nothing should be off the table."

"If I didn't pay the price for the things we both know I did do, I'm certainly not going to pay the price for things I didn't do," he added.

As for the future, Spacey -- or Underwood -- seemed oddly hopeful. He suggested that there were things in motion to expose the truth of his case, whichever one he was referring to.


"My confidence grows each day that soon enough you will know the full truth," he said. Spacey then slipped Underwood's ring on before walking out of frame to a dramatic musical sting.

The video comes on the same day as the announcement that Spacey will be arraigned on charges of felony sexual assault in Massachusetts on Jan. 7, 2019. The Boston Globe reported that this case refers to an alleged assault at a Nantucket bar in July of 2016. The alleged victim was 18 years old at the time.