Ken Jennings Weighs in on Democratic Debate After Winning 'Jeopardy: Greatest of All Time'

After winning the Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time tournament, Ken Jennings took to Twitter to weigh in on the Democratic debate, and his followers are loving his humorous take. In a tweet, the official Twitter account for Democratic presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg quipped, "Remember, tonight's winner goes on to face defending champion Ken Jennings. #DemDebate."

Jennings then offered his own spin on the joke, tweeting, "Remember, defending champion Ken Jennings wants you to vote for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren."

Jennings' fans are loving his return serve, and have been showing his post a lot of praise.

"Trash-talking Courtney Love and backing the progressives in one evening? I have never Loved you more! (pun not intentional when I wrote that but my unconscious mind capitalized it anyway)," one follower wrote.

"Ken, you nailed it exactly! And I want those two on the same ticket. This fighting between the #Bernie2020 and #Warren2020 is LUDICROUS. Warren and Bernie should have had a handshake. I was disappointed with Warren on that one, because Bernie did extend his hand," added another.

Not everyone fully agreed with Jennings' stance, however, as one user fired back: "Both of them are virtually guaranteed to lose to Donald. Sorry, not interested in 4 more years of mobster very exonerated chosen one presidency. I'll vote for someone who can beat him."

"Not so smart after all. Clearly didn't put all of that childhood learning to any common sense!" another person exclaimed, while one more user commented, "Sorry Ken, I'll need to find a candidate, outside of the two major parties, who understands the constitution and the economy."


When the smoke of Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time has cleared, Jennings beat fellow champions Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer to claim the title of the all-time greatest Jeopardy! contestant.