Kelly Clarkson Takes Fans on a Tour of Her Montana Cabin

Kelly Clarkson and her family are currently self-quarantining at their ranch in Montana, and the talk show host took fans on a tour of a cabin on the property in a YouTube video on The Kelly Clarkson Show's channel this week. She began her tour at the front door, which was sporting a Christmas wreath gifted to the family by Gwen Stefani. "It's still lasting out here in the wilderness," Clarkson said. "She sends us these beautiful wreaths."

The inside of Clarkson's "efficiency cabin" includes a bed for Clarkson and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, bunk beds for their kids, 5-year-old daughter River and 3-year-old son Remington, and another bunk for Blackstock's 13-year-old son Seth that can be turned into bunk beds when Blackstock's 18-year-old daughter Savannah visits. "This is our cabin, and it’s super cute and cozy!" Clarkson says, panning around the room to show off a kitchenette. "It’s kind of cute, this is where we hang out!" she continues before moving the camera to a framed black and white print of Dolly Parton hanging on the wall. "And there’s Dolly, what’s up, Dolly? Of course we have Dolly in the cabin."

"And this is just our little cabin that we hang out in," she continued, turning around to display a fire, a table and a shelf filled with "games and puzzles, because my kids love puzzles." The small cabin doesn't have a bathroom, but Clarkson has previously shared multiple Instagram videos of herself singing in a bathroom elsewhere on the ranch. She also shared a photo of her son playing with a toy in a different building, indicating that there is another living space on the property.

Clarkson's fans will soon see even more of her ranch, as The Voice coach is set to begin filming original content for The Kelly Clarkson Show from her Montana home. The Hollywood Reporter shares that Clarkson will begin producing one original episode of her show each week from her home, which will see the host interviewing celebrities and people doing good works in their communities.


The Kelly Clarkson Show had stopped production on March 13 due to the coronavirus and new material filmed by Clarkson will be incorporated into episodes taped prior to the production shutdown. Clarkson will record a "Good Neighbor" segment each day to highlight everyday people who are helping others amid the global pandemicn and other new material will include new "Kellyoke" performances, a segment called "What I'm Liking" and looks at Clarkson's life in Montana.

Photo Credit: Getty / Tibrina Hobson