Kelly Clarkson Adorably Freaks out When Meeting Cher on Red Carpet

Kelly Clarkson adorably freaked out when she met Cher for the first time while the two were at a red carpet event together.

The big moment came while Clarkson was being interviewed by Extra's AJ Calloway outside of The Kennedy Center Honors and Cher happened to walk by.

“I hear Cher; she's right behind me right now," Clarkson said to Calloway while on-camera. "I can't even talk about it. I've never met her… Don't do anything either, it'll make me so nervous I'll wanna cry.”

Calloway then took advantage of the opportunity to introduce the two music icons to one another.

“Nice to meet you…I've been talking about you the whole time like, 'She's right behind me.' I'm a big fan, obviously," Clarkson said to the Mama Mia 2 star. "I'm going to stop talking now.”

“No, I'm so happy to meet you!" Cher replied.

“I'm so proud of y'all tonight. I'm singing for Reba, but I was like, ‘I want to sing for Cher, too,’" Clarkson replied.

Clarkson has been very busy lately, with the original American Idol champion recently announcing that she will be hosting her own daytime talk show, dubbed The Kelly Clarkson Show.

During a conversation with Marie Claire in September, she opened up about the show and gave some insight into how she plans to take the direction of the show.

"Even in the pilot, people were trying to get me to go somewhere with one of the guests on the show. It was really cool though, because the people on my team understood right off the bat," Clarkson explained.

"I was like look, I totally get why you’re doing this. I don’t want that kind of show, where we’re pushing people just to make a headline. I don’t ever want to make someone uncomfortable," she added. "I want people’s voices to be heard. I’ve just been on the receiving end of that a lot. I just want quality, and I want heart, and I want humor, and that’s all."


She also appears as a judge in the current season of The Voice (Season 15), after mentoring the winning contest during her first-ever season as a judge earlier this year.

The Kelly Clarkson Show is scheduled to air in fall 2019.