Kate Walsh Teases Possible 'Emily in Paris' Season 2 Return to Netflix Series (Exclusive)

After it was announced earlier this month, Emily in Paris was back to filming in the City of Love, [...]

After it was announced earlier this month, Emily in Paris was back to filming in the City of Love, fans have been growing excited over the series' sophomore season heading to Netflix later this year. The popular rom-com, which has been watched by 58 million subscribers in its first 28 days of its October launch, boasts an all-star cast of actors from the U.S. and France, including actress Kate Walsh — best known for her roles in Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and 13 Reasons Why. As the show is currently under production, Walsh teased a possible return from her new, unlikely home down under with PopCulture in an exclusive sit-down.

"I'm not kidding; I heard tonight that they're already shooting — [well] I knew they were already shooting, but I assumed they were in Paris — but they're shooting in Saint Tropez. I don't know if that's just a crazy rumor, but I'm in," the actress, who plays Emily's American boss Madeline, said.

As fans are dying to know if Walsh will make more appearances in the upcoming season after Madeline offered Emily (Lily Collins) a job in Paris following a pregnancy discovery that led her to stay behind in Chicago, she teased fans, saying: "I don't know what's gonna happen — I think Maddie might, we don't know. It's unclear if she'll make an appearance [though]."

The actress, who also stars in Umbrella Academy, has kept quite busy over the years but reveals while Paris is the City of Love, Australia won her heart after she accidentally got stuck before the pandemic there during a press tour for the Netflix superhero series — even finding love. But while she only intended to be there for 10 days to two weeks tops, she ended up staying a while and has now called the down under oasis her home.

"I was coming here to visit and then was gonna move on — for like 10 days, maybe two weeks at the outset — and then move on and go to Melbourne and Sydney, and sort of tour all over and do press from Umbrella Academy, that was the whole plan, and then a global pandemic happened, and then I got stuck here, the borders were shut," Walsh explained.

She continued: "And then I decided to stay. I'm in a relationship here, and I did a play here, and we're starting to really kind of push to bring more television and film here in Western Australia." Walsh recently partnered with Sheba Brand for the world's largest coral reef restoration project with the introduction of Hope Reef. Walsh says she now lives on the beach and has an incredibly healthy and lively coral reef that she can snorkel to and loves every bit of it.