Kate Beckinsale Reveals the Injury That Led to Her Hospitalization Last Month

Kate Beckinsale may be a seasoned action film star, but the actress' recent injury didn't come from death-defying stunts. The Underworld star, 48, opened up about the agonizing leg injury that landed her in the hospital last month while filming Prisoner's Daughter in Las Vegas on Monday's episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden.

"Having done eight or 900 action movies, I hurt myself putting on a pair of leggings in my hotel room," Beckinsale admitted to host James Corden. While Corden thought the star might have injured herself "falling off a building or something," Beckinsale said she wasn't "running up walls or anything" at the time. "I was in my hotel room putting on a pair of leggings, and it felt like a sort of guitar string snapped and everything was horrible. I mean, worse than having a baby bad, like bad," she continued. "I couldn't walk, I couldn't lie down, I couldn't sit down. I couldn't do anything."

After injuring herself, Beckinsale said she could barely leave the hotel to go to the hospital because she wasn't able to sit or stand. "Eventually an ambulance came and they sort of rolled out a sheet and picked me up in it like a sort of sausage, and put me on a gurney," she laughed, assuring the audience she was "alright now."

Shortly after her hospitalization, Beckinsale shared a selfie from her hospital bed with the caption, "Feeling a lot better. Thank you so much for your kind messages and love x." The star has been busy filming Prisoner's Daughter in Las Vegas as of late, which is the story of a man who spent more than a decade in prison and is now trying to reconnect with his daughter and grandson. Beckinsale's character Maxine stars alongside Succession's Brian Cox and All American Rejects singer Tyson Ritter in the film, as well as Ernie Hudson and Mark Kubr. 


Prisoner's Daughter is directed by Twilight and Thirteen's Catherine Hardwicke. "Mark Bacci's script is a raw, personal look at a deeply fractured family, similar to my first film Thirteen (with Evan Rachel Wood and Holly Hunter)," Hardwick said of the film in a June statement to Deadline. "With Prisoner's Daughter, I want to fully immerse the viewer in Kate's character's intense world as she, her father and her young son try to heal generational family trauma and find a new way forward."