Kate Beckinsale Posts Only Underwear Makeup Photo With a Caption That Has Fans Scratching Their Head

Kate Beckinsale had fans scratching their heads on Friday with an enigmatic caption paired with an evocative photo. The actress posted a picture of herself getting her hair and makeup done, wearing nothing but underwear. However, in the caption she asked some of the big existential questions of our time.

Beckinsale appeared in black and white on Friday, with one man applying her makeup and another working on her hair. Both were fully clothed, while she herself covered her chest wit her hands for the camera. She seemed to be in a dressing room or hotel room of some kind.

In the caption of the post, Beckinsale asked what some might consider the three big philosophical questions of our time through the three figures on camera.

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"Chase feels there's a very good argument using anthropic reasoning to suggest we are living in a simulation. Italo says there's no proof that it's physically even feasible for a posthuman civilization to create such a simulation," she wrote. " I can't fathom why anyone would put tomato in a cheese toastie."

Fans were confused, but certainly intrigued by the post. Commenters rushed in with heart-eyes emojis to tell Beckinsale that, whatever she was talking about, she looked good. Many of the top comments came from other big stars.

"Whatever it is your talking about, I like it!!!" wrote actress Jaime Winstone.

"Ready set glow," added activist Markus Molinari.

A few fans did weigh on on the more existential side of Beckinsale's post, however. Commenters took the chance to include the actress in an ongoing conversation about the nature of reality, and the practical applications that those ideas may or may not have.

"We live on the event horizon of some alien black hole, a hologram of long list information, and onion is a better addition to a cheese toastie by far," one fan wrote.

"...the hell is a cheese toastie?" wondered another.

"First two make sense but the third can't get my head round that, tomatoooo in a toastie whatever next??" a third person asked.


It is unclear what Beckinsale was prepping for in the hair and makeup chair in that photo. The actress has two projects coming up according to her IMDb page, but both are now in post-production. The first is a movie called Jolt, due out in 2020, where she will play a bouncer with anger-management issues. To keep herself in check, she wears a vest lined with electrodes to shock herself periodically. The movie is a reluctant revenge story paired with a fugitive manhunt.

So far, the exact release date for Jolt has not been announced.