Justin Timberlake Helps Woman Hit by Golf Ball at Celebrity Tournament

Justin Timberlake isn't just a talented entertainer, he is also a good Samaritan. Earlier this week, Timberlake was competing at a celebrity golf tournament when he rushed to the aid of a spectator who had been struck by a golf ball.

At the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship near Lake Tahoe on Wednesday, Timberlake stopped and consoled the woman. As reported by Today, the video was released by The Sacramento Bee.

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Timberlake was playing alongside former NFL star Tony Romo and others when someone hit a ball into the crowd that hit the woman. In the video, Ed Fletcher of The Sacrament Bee narrated Timberlake's actions.

"There's laughter now, I think J.T. is in there consoling the person that was struck. I see smiles, so hopefully it's not too bad here," Fletcher said. "Justin didn't strike the girl, but he seems to be doing the most talking there, gives the girl a high five."

After consoling the woman, Timberlake is seen walking away, raising is arms up as if angry and calling out his friend responsible for the incident.

"What'd you do Richard?" Timberlake said mockingly before walking back to the tee.


This is the third year Timberlake has played in the tournament and it isn't the first without incident. Last year, Timberlake was slapped in the face by an attendee, though that attendee was later arrested.

Photo: Twitter / @mirrorsvocal