Judge Judy Scheindlin Says She Confronted 'Narcissist' Man for Not Wearing His Mask in a Hair Salon

Judge Judy Scheindlin is well-known for voicing her unfiltered opinion in her TV courtroom, and she takes that attitude out into her everyday life as well, recently revealing that she confronted a "narcissist" man for not wearing a mask in a hair salon. While speaking to the NY Post, Scheindlin shared the story, wherein she took a stand while getting her hair down. "I walked up to him and he looked at me and smiled," she began. "I was wearing my mask with my smock on and my hair was dripping wet."

Finally, she spoke: "I said to him, 'Do you like Judge Judy? He said, 'Oh yes,' and I said, 'Not after today,' and I proceeded to lace into him about respecting other people and how other people are minding you by wearing a mask. I said to him, 'You must be some kind of narcissist or there's something that I don't see that makes you unique and special.' I did my own Judge Judy on him." It seems as if her words had an impact, as she went on to share that the scolded man "came back to where I was putting my hat on, with his mask on, and apologized."

For Scheindlin, this is just one example of why she believes audiences respond well to her show, and have consistently tuned in for more than two decades. "I still think most people — most — like order," she said. "They like people who follow rules, are good citizens and who act responsibly: how they discard their trash, how they put shopping carts in assigned spaces so they don't fly away."


"When you blur the rules, when you say, 'OK, curfew is at 10,' and they come in at 11 and nothing happens to them, then the next day it's midnight … then they know nobody is watching the store and there are no consequences," Scheindlin continued. "And if there are no consequences, very few people have that innate clock that says, 'I know this is wrong.'" While the original Judge Judy series is set to end in 2021, Scheindlin isn't going away. She'll remain to be a creative part of Hot Bench, a three-judge series that she created, which is now in its seventh season. The no-nonsense Scheindlin will also sit behind the bench for the first-ever streaming court show, which is forthcoming from Amazon.