Johnny Manziel Marries Bre Tiesi in Private Wedding Ceremony

Johnny Manziel reportedly married his long-time fiance, Bre Tiesi, in a private ceremony just recently.

The couple got engaged in March of 2017. About a year later, the quarterback and model have made it official, according to a new report by TMZ. The couple went down to a courthouse somewhere in California, where they were married on the spot. There's no word yet on whether anyone else was there, or who the guests might have been.

The couple was spotted several times in recent memory sporting new rings on their respective fingers, suggesting to some that they had tied the knot behind their fans' backs. TMZ published photos of Manziel climbing out of his car with a big ring glittering on his wedding finger, while Tiesi was seen on the beach amongst friends in a selfie, holding her chin with her left hand. Her ring finger was adorned with an enormous diamond.

Manziel, once the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, is a free agent in the world of football, and he's looking for some work. He has reportedly been training hard with current NFL players, including his close friend Joe Haden, in hopes of getting picked for a new team this year.

Failing that, Manziel has also expressed interst in the soon to be revived XFL. The football league, run by Vince McMahon and associated closely with the world of WWE, will return in 2020, ad Manziel threw his name in the ring in a tweet sent to McMahon back in January.

"#XFL2020 @VinceMcMahon," he tweeted simply. Fans loved the idea of seeing Manziel on the field in the alternate league. However, many called it unlikely that he'd be picked. McMahon has issued an edict, stating that the XFL is only seeking players without "any form of criminality associated with them whatsoever."

That doesn't quite fit the bill for Manziel, who was arrested in 2012 and charged with disorderly conduct, failure to produce identification, and possession of a fictitious driver's license. He pleaded guilty the possession of a fictitious driver's license, and prosecutors dropped all the other charges.


All of this was before Manziel played college football, let alone in the NFL, but it's still an integral part of his public persona. The quarterback makes no secret of his love for partying, even telling Good Morning America that he has used alcohol to "self-medicate" for his bipolar disorder.

Only time will tell which league Manziel will land in.