Johnny Depp Reportedly in Good Health Despite Recent Concerning Photographs

Johnny Depp's appearance and health are nothing to worry about, according to a new source.

Fans of the famous actor began to worry this weekend when photos of an incredibly skinny Depp appeared while he took photos with a few fans while on his Hollywood Vampires concert tour.

A number of sources told The Daily Mail on Monday that the Pirates of the Caribbean star is in "good health," despite the recent photos.

Another photo of Depp with a fan in St. Petersburg, Russia, popped up on Monday and numerous fans showed their concern in the comment section.

"I'm praying for Johnny that he is ok & this is for a movie. 🙏 If not and he's in fact sick he's vin my deepest prayers as well. Come on handsome u can do this if ur sick!!" one commenter wrote.

"I would not have recognized him," wrote another.

"OMG..WILL BE PRAYING..HE'S SOOO THIN!!!" a fan wrote in all caps.

One theory regarding Depp's appearance was that it was for an upcoming movie role, as he's known for drastically changing his appearance for some of his more enigmatic characters. One such character that fits that bill is Gellert Grindelwald, Depp's villainous character in the Fantastic Beasts series. Depp was reportedly forced to shave his head and eyebrows for the role.

"It's because he has shaved his facial hair off and partially shaved his head, if he hadn't of done that he would look like the johnny we are used to seeing, and so what if his lost a bit of weight? Just because someone decides to lose a few and change their look a bit doesn't mean the person is sick, the focus of the facial hair is no longer there so it makes his face look thinner, thats all it is," a fan theorized.

Depp's band, the Hollywood Vampires super group, combines the actor with rock legend Alice Cooper and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry.

According to Cooper, Depp's ability as a guitar player is just as good as any he's ever played with.

"He's not new to playing on stage — people are going to be very surprised when they hear him play because they know him as Jack Sparrow," Cooper said in an interview with The Evening Standard. "When they see a guitar in this band they're going to say, 'Wait a minute. I didn't have any idea he could play like that.'"

"He's a real guitar player," he added. "I wouldn't be working with anybody that wasn't as good as anybody I've worked with normally."