Johnny Depp Cited in Lawsuit Against Amber Heard

Amber Heard is being sued by a film producer who claims that the actress' divorce proceedings with Johnny Depp show evidence that she is one to skirt appearances at depositions.

The deposition that she was supposed to participate in is part of a $10 million lawsuit filed last year against the 31-year-old actress. Heard is being accused of allegedly breaching performance and promotional obligations for the film, London Fields. She failed to perform her acting services and did not show up at the Toronto premiere, according to The Blast.

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Producer Chris Hanley's company, Nicole Six Limited, claims that the Justice League star bailed on a scheduled deposition earlier this year claiming that she was busy in Australia filming DC Comics flick Aquaman. She was supposed to provide her attorneys with dates on which she would be available, but Heard allegedly did not do so.

Nicola Six also says that Heard has a history of making depositions difficult to arrange. The company cited Heard's divorce with Pirates of the Caribbean's Depp in which she allegedly made efforts to avoid appearing at the deposition.

The lawsuit states that Heard's "Prior attempts and actions taken to avoid appearing for deposition are documented in the court filings in her public divorce proceedings from Johnny Depp."

In the documents, the company also asserts that Heard refused to agree to a date until Depp filed two motions compelling her to do so. Nicola Six also accused Heard of showing up two hours late and refusing to testify when she finally did sit for questioning.


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Nicole Six is requesting that Heard pays $20,000 in sanctions to recover the costs for legal fees trying to arrange her deposition.