Jessica Chastain Admits Growing up in Poverty Led to Feelings of 'Resentment'

Jessica Chastain is opening up about a difficult period in her childhood. As TooFab noted, Chastain recently discussed what life was like growing up with a single mom and her four siblings. According to the actor, she grew up "with a lot of resentment" as a result of her upbringing. 

In an interview published by The Sunday Times, Chastain spoke candidly about her childhood and how it has affected her to this day. She said that she grew up "with a lot of resentment" over the fact that she was raised in a home by a single parent along with her four siblings. Although, she noted that the experience cemented the fact that she doesn't want "anyone else to be denied anything" in life.

In regards to her childhood, Chastain remarked to the publication that it might not be what people "expect." "When people see me, I think they expect a different background than I have," she explained. "So because I come from that place, I know what it's like. And it makes me angry. And I don't [want] anyone else to be denied anything. In terms of a voice, being seen, being acknowledged and valued."

Despite the hardships that she faced, Chastain was able to attend the Julliard School of Performing Arts in New York City. She reflected on how she had to work through school in order to attend Julliard. But, she also had some help from those close to her. The Molly's Game star explained, "There were people that saw I was struggling as a kid and they helped me. And that's why I ended up where I am now."


Indeed, Chastain is a well-known working actor today, appearing in movies such as Zero Dark Thirty and A Most Violent Year. She has also garnered two Oscar nominations — one for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for Zero Dark Thirty and another for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for The Help. As she noted in her interview with The Sunday Times, Chastain is also a working mom. The actor is a mom to two children whom she shares with her husband, Italian count Gian Luca Pasi de Preposulo. Chastain does take a more private stance when it comes to her family, as she has not publicly revealed any details about her kids.