Jeremy Renner Posts Luxurious Hot Tub Photo Amid Drug Abuse, Death Threat Allegations

Jeremy Renner is attempting to soak all of his troubles away. The actor posted a photo of a [...]

Jeremy Renner is attempting to soak all of his troubles away. The actor posted a photo of a luxurious hot tub on Tuesday afternoon, as reports of his drug abuse, sexual promiscuity and violence escalate. Renner is still denying all the allegations against him.

Renner is in the midst of a custody dispute with his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco. Pacheco has accused the actor of repeatedly threatening to kill her, and exposing their daughter to drugs, alcohol and wild "sex parties." In the midst of these allegations, Renner is apparently trying to relax in a hot tub.

Renner did not mention the newly released accusations against him on social media at all. Pacheco is petitioning a judge for full custody of their daughter, Ava, who is six years old. In new court documents obtained by the Daily Mail on Tuesday, she and other women raise claims about Renner's behavior.

The documents included testimony from multiple women, some of whom are described as Renner's "ex-girlfriends," and two of whom signed affidavits. One anecdote in the docs even referred to a hot tub, adding an eerie twist to Renner's tweet.

The story came from Lily Faget, described as a firend of Renner's who attended his frequent house parties. According to Faget, she was drinking with Renner and a mutual friend in his hot tub in October of 2018. Renner was very inebriated, Faget wrote, when he initiated a sexual encounter.

"At one point in the night, [Renner] and my friend and I went into Respondent's music studio and the three of us started having sex," she recounted. "I left the studio (leaving my friend and [Renner] in there) and saw [Ava's nanny] Naomi sitting at the outside bar with a few men. All of a sudden I saw Ava walk into the living room next to the bar, asking for [Renner]."

"Naomi swooped her up and walked out of the room. I was so shocked that Ava was there and that no one told me to be mindful that Ava was in the house. 'I went back into the music studio (where [Renner] had the music on very loud) and saw that [he] had passed out. I had to help my friend pull [his] pants up," she concluded.

This is just one of the stories about Renner's allegedly wild lifestyle, and how it effected his daughter. Other women claimed that Renner frequently used cocaine and ecstasy while Ava was in the house, and some said they saw drugs left out within her reach.

Renner's lawyers deny all of the allegations against him, and claim that Pacheco is trying to intentionally remove their child from his life.