Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini Not Feuding as 'Frenemies,' Despite Tabloid Claims

A recent tabloid rumor has claimed that Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini are feuding "frenemies," but a new report says that rumor is totally false.

The rumor started with a story in Star magazine about the two women having lunch at L.A. hotspot Craig’s and things turning sour.

Supposedly, “a pair of producer pals approached their VIP table to lavish the ladies with compliments.” Star quotes a “tipster” as revealing, “The guys were gushing about how young and beautiful they both looked, and Leah couldn’t help but bring up the fact that she’s a year younger than Jennifer.”

That led Lopez to appear “like she could knock Leah’s block off,” Star went on to claim.

Gossip Cop has investigated the claims and found them to be inaccurate. According to their research, not only is there no evidence this interaction ever took place, there's also no evidence that the two women even took in lunch at Craig's recently.

While she may not be feuding with her old friend, Remini has certainly had feuds with plenty of others lately, including her former best friend, Lisa Marie Presley. That feud is rooted in the time they spent together in Scientology, which Remini has become vocally critical of following her public break from the church.

"Leah and Lisa Maria were good friends. They grew up together. Lisa Marie has been going through a hard time in her life, and has been battling addiction, and Leah tried to convince Lisa to leave Scientology and join her in trying to bring the church down," a source said.

"Lisa was very down ­because of her divorce and drugs. Once Lisa got sober and started turning her life around, she started to believe Leah’s actions were dangerous. She felt she was being manipulated," the sourced added.

"The message from [Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath] is causing problems for Scientologists in Hollywood. Children of Lisa Marie’s Scientologist friends are getting bullied in school because of things said," the source continued.

"There have been more reports of harassment against Scientologists, and Lisa Marie believes they are related to things said on Leah’s show . . . Things are getting scary. Lisa Marie freaked out and wants nothing to do with Leah," the insider concluded.


A rep for Remini responded to these statements.

"Leah never asked Lisa Marie to appear on the show, and, in fact, Lisa Marie was supportive of Leah’s decision to leave the church," the rep said.