Jason Mitchell Dropped From 'The Chi' for Misconduct Allegations, Twitter Weighs In

Actor Jason Mitchell has been dropped from The Chi over misconduct allegations, and Twitter is weighing in.

Details on what allegedly took place seem to be unavailable, but the nature of them were reported by Decider to be so serious that they producers to dismiss the Straight Outta Compton actor from both the Showtime series and the Netflix dramedy Desperados.

Twitter users have been sharing their thoughts on the matter and many seem to be torn over the matter.

"I'm sooooo disappointed in these allegations against Jason Mitchell, [shake my head]," one person commented.

"These non details about Jason Mitchell are irking me. I only take a stance [because] I'm black before anything. That's it and that's all. Hopefully joke of these allegations are true," another person said.

"That Jason Mitchell guy is a piece of work it seems ...I knew it had to be bad for everyone to cut him off," someone else said.

"Jason Mitchell probably should have been let go before this week," one other user wrote. "He really thought he would get away with doing this, let's not forget he was a sympathizer for Kevin Spacey."

In addition to being dropped from acting projects, Mitchell has also been dropped by his management company, UTA.

According to some reports, Mitchell had been complained about by one of more actresses on the set of The Chi, which is potentially what led to his being let go from the show.

However, per The Blast, the incident that led to Mitchell's firing was said to be an "off-set" incident, which he is no stranger to as the actor was once accused of assaulting a woman in a hotel.


Many news outlets have attempted to reach out to Mitchell, but he has yet to respond.