Jared Padalecki's Assault and Arrest Footage Has 'Supernatural' Fans Shook

Footage of Jared Padalecki's assault and arrest has made its way online and Supernatural fans are shook after seeing it on social media. Padalecki was taken into police custody over the weekend, following an altercation with two employees from the Stereotype bar in Austin, Texas. The actor was charged with public drunkenness and assault, and booked into jail. He later posted bail and was released. Footage of the alleged altercation was posted to Twitter, and fans have been sharing their thoughts.

"Looks like he's playing around in the video, both are smiling etc..[people] always wanna twist things to 'fit' the worst..the money? Looks like checking to see if he has bail," one fan said, after it was alleged the footage possibly shows Padalecki attempting to bribe police during his arrest.

"People and friends.. a drunk person can not be reason with. Yes! We love him.. just like every other person.. We can't pay off the police. I feel for him because it happens to a lot of peoples families. Rich or poor you have to follow the law," another Twitter user wrote.

"You don't know the full story!! Many witnesses have said that Jared didn't start it ... that just a snippet off what happened.... camera only gets what it needs to make money off someone else's misery," someone else said, defending the actor.

"Out of respect for supernatural and Jared. I'm going to stay outta this, as should everyone, especially the media," another person stated. "He's had enough don't you think?"

"Wait..you mean actors are like everyone else? Say it ain't so! [confused emoticon] Ok well not me because I don't drink. Crap like this happens frequently with gen pop. He's human," a fifth user wrote.

At this time, Padalecki does not appear to have commented on the situation, but his wife did share a red heart emoji in a Twitter post, which has been seen by most as her way of breaking her silence on the matter.


The situation will not impact the filming of Supernatural, but there is no official word from The CW on that, as yet.

Photo Credit: Getty Images