Jamie Foxx Shares Moving Tribute to Michael K. Williams Amid Emmy Hopes for Late Actor

Hollywood is still struggling to make sense of beloved actor Michael K. Williams' death. Williams' body was discovered by his nephew on Sept. 6 after a wellness check at The Wire star's Brooklyn penthouse. Police are currently investigating Williams' death as a possible drug overdose, with heroin and fentanyl as contributing factors. Drug paraphernalia was reportedly found at the scene. But regardless of how Williams possibly died, his peers want to remember him for his prolific work in film, television, and beyond - including Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx.

TMZ caught up with Foxx on Friday, Sept. 17 and the "Unpredictable" singer couldn't hold back his emotion when discussing Williams. "It's certain people that you see in this industry that you know is just better thank you," he told paps. "His skill, his soul, his depth...so I hope he's recognized in the biggest way," Foxx continued, when asked whether Williams will receive an Emmy win this year for his work on Lovecraft Country.

Foxx's comments come on the same day after he paid tribute to Williams on his Instagram page. "I was always in awe of your performances...how you could be so grounded," he wrote in part. "We cheered because we knew you were special...fearlessness...Mystique...And pure raw talent was before us...t was soul-stirring...angelic…"

Foxx is particularly hit hard by the news of Williams' passing as he recently spent time with Williams and a few others. "We were just together a few weeks ago breaking bread and talking about life," Foxx said of the last time he saw Williams. "You just don't know how quickly things can change."

More than anything, Foxx wants Williams' legacy to be one that film and television lovers continue to praise. "I just want the people to know that this man led an artistic life that was just above normal and it's humbling," he said. "You can't explain how good he is and it goes beyond just the acting," Foxx continued, explaining that Williams overall just embodied what it means to be good at heart.


Williams was laid to rest at a private ceremony in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where his mother has lived for more than 20 years. Several famous faces, including Queen Latifah and some of Williams' The Wire co-stars, we in attendance.