Iggy Azalea Blasts Wendy Williams for Comments About Her 'Fake Body'

Iggy Azalea is no stranger to taking on her critics, and now the rapper has blasted Wendy Williams for comments the talk show host made about her "fake body." During a recent episode of her show, Williams referred to Azalea as “the Australian with the fake body,” to which the rapper responded by taking to Twitter to call Williams a "crack head" who lived in a "half way house." The tweet was accompanied by a tweet from one of Azalea's fans, who wrote, “Your breath stink from talking s—, you want a mint?"

Many of Azalea's other fans have since spoken out about Williams' comments, with one saying, "She literally needs to be taken off air everytime she opens her mouth it like someone is throwing up."

"[Oh my God] it’s funny but [for real] she needs to grow up and not talk trash about people so much, how she gone talk about a fake body when she looks like that?" someone else tweeted.

"sis over here looking like an improper fraction and she wanna come for iggy sis sit down," another fan wrote.

"What she said it was completely unnecessary to be honest," a fourth fan commented.

Not everyone was on Azalea's side, however, as some felt that bringing up Williams' past drug abuse issues was a low blow.

"Calling someone a crack head in their sobriety isn’t a 'clap back' she has just shown how childish she is," one person chided. "Many people have many things to say about Iggy and she knows that, she has just reacted inappropriately to the ‘easy’ target."

"You shouldn't bring up somebodys addiction as an argument and call them a crackhead many people face these issues and to make light of it is really disgusting," one other upset Twitter User said.


At this time, Williams does not appear to have commented on Azalea's tweet.

Photo Credit: Getty Images