Hilary Duff Shows off Her Baby Bump as She 'Stress Eats' Ahead of Election Day

Like many of us, Hillary Duff is stress eating ahead of Election Day. The Lizzie McGuire actress took to social media to show off her baby bump and tell her fans that she's "stress" eating. "Stress eating bout tomorrow. What u getting into," she captioned the photo in an all-black outfit.

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Several of her followers took to the comment section to reveal who they're supporting in 2020. This year has been quite the year for not just Americans but also many around the world as the coronavirus swept its way through several countries and communities. For Americans specifically, add a very heated presidential election on top of that, making for a very tense mix.

Now that Election Day is here, many cities are boarding up to protect businesses following the presidential announcement — which some are saying could take up to a week to get the results. While there is no way to confirm just how long it will actually take, there is speculation that the guessing game will last for at least 48 hours. Following the Black Lives Matter riots, several cities, local and commercial businesses were destroyed, so this time, high populated places are taking every precaution to protect their belongings ahead of the results.

Duff isn't one to take flak from anyone these days. Over the summer, she became a social media trend after some baselessly accused her of being part of a child sex trafficking scheme. Duff said she understands everyone is "bored [as f—]" right now during the pandemic but called the theory "actually disgusting" and that the person who instigated the theory "should take a break from their damn phone." She added they get a "hobby" instead.

She's also recently called a photographer out for taking pictures at her child's soccer game. She approached the person and asked that they stop taking photos right now because there are kids involved. The entire time she was recording their conversation, and the photographer seemed to resist her request, and he proceeded to explain that he wasn't on private property; therefore, he had a right to take the photos. She took to social media to demand that there be some sort of limit to one's privacy, especially when kids are involved. While she understands that she is in the public eye, she feels others shouldn't be punished, especially her kids, to the same type of lack-of privacy as she is.