Henry Winkler Shades Donald Trump in Video of Himself Drinking Water One-Handed

Happy Days star Henry Winkler is has accomplished a major feat: drinking water with one hand. In what can only be described as a major, and not-so-subtle, jab at President Donald Trump's difficulty drinking water during his commencement speech last weekend at West Point, Winkler on Sunday took to Twitter to share a video of himself accomplishing the task without issue. In the 13-second-long clip, aptly captioned "One hand," Winker holds a cup in his hand as he moves his other around before successfully bringing the cup to his lips and taking a drink.

Although the clip was silent and Winkler made no mention of the president, many seemed to believe that the actor was throwing some heavy shade at Trump. The president had gained plenty of attention and sparked concern over his health following his appearance at West Point earlier this month. Delivering the commencement speech, the president appeared to struggle to take a sip of water, a task he used two hands to complete. The incident marked just the latest example of the president using two hands to take a sip from a glass, including the infamous moment in 2017 where he used two hands to take a sip from a bottle of water.

Trump, however, has defended his two-handed sipping, telling the crowd at his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday that he was simply trying to avoid spilling any water on his silk tie. According to the Independent, the president explained, "I look down at my tie because I've done it, I've taken water and spilled down onto your tie, it doesn't look good for a long time, and frankly the tie is never the same." He then joked that "they gave me another disease," referring to the concerns for his health.

The president, however, seems to have more concerns than just ones about his health prompted by his odd drinking behavior. Trump’s Tulsa rally over the weekend, once touted as having more than a million people interested in attending, only drew a lackluster crowd of approximately 6,200 supporters. That low turnout, perhaps partially the result of young TikTok and K-pop fans registering their interest for the rally in the thousands, reportedly left the president "fuming." Addressing the poor turnout, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale blamed it on the media.