Heidi Klum Reveals a Horrific Look For Fans With Her 2019 Halloween Costume

Heidi Klum showed up as Princess Fiona from Shrek with her 2018 couples costume alongside husband Tom Kaulitz dressed as the titular character. While they were great costumes, they lacked the horror of the season and seemed blissfully unaware of something sinister bubbling deep inside the former supermodel.

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For 2019, Klum rectified that with a ghastly look inside her brain, guts, and other various body parts.

What it seems we got this time was Klum dressed as some sort of biohazard alien experiment woman, while Kaulitz accompanied her dressed as an astronaut. Many on Instagram captured her arrival to her party, including a biohazard truck to carry her to the red carpet. You definitely get the Alien, H.R. Gieger vibe from the entire showcase and it is another win for Klum.

All eyes have been on Klum at Halloween for close to 20 years now. She already unveiled her pre-Halloween costume with Kaulitz earlier, with the couple covering themselves in glitter to portray a human firework. But her latest might take the cake for most macabre, even more than her skinless human body in 2011.

Klum has been a Hindu goddess, a human butterfly, an old woman and even just herself alongside several clones. The model takes the holiday seriously and enjoys about as much as any celebrity could. It is also good publicity for her yearly Halloween party.

"I just love Halloween," Klum told Extra earlier this month. "And I love to inspire people to be creative in their own costumes. And I don't want to let them down. So that's for you guys, everyone that loves Halloween as much as I do."

The current costume is likely the best example of just how much Klum love the holiday. The work started on this particular one months ago according to Deadline, with Klum undergoing a full body scan to make sure the work would be perfect.

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And ahead of her party on Halloween night, Klum is giving a live look at the assembly of her costume at a New York City Amazon bookstore. This gives passersby the chance to view just how disgusting the costume will look and the effort it took in reaching the final product.

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She had many people guessing online before the big reveal, with some claiming she could be a merperson from The Shape of Water and others even thinking she was going to be a White Walker from Game of Thrones. The final result was none of the above and we're better off for it.

All hail the true Queen of Halloween.