Watch Harvey Weinstein Get Smacked in the Face

Harvey Weinstein ended his meal on Tuesday night at an Arizona restaurant with a slap to the face, new video shows.

In an earlier report Wednesday, TMZ reported that the disgraced Hollywood heavyweight was punched in the face upon leaving Elements Restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, but the newly-surfaced video from the Daily Mail shows he was actually slapped.

Weinstein's assailant can be seen laughing while he hits Weinstein, who wore a black beanie hat and grey shirt for his night out at the restaurant with his sobriety coach.

The scene plays out with the man hastily getting out of his seat as Weinstein passes by and then lightly hitting Weinstein with the back of his hand on his face twice.

The video shows Weinstein's sobriety coach quickly usher his client past him and then hold up his hands to prevent the men from filming any more of the scene.

He also tries to grab the camera out of the filmer's hand at one point.

The manager of the restaurant had claimed that the attacker was angry with Weinstein after he refused a request earlier in the evening to have his photo taken, but as he was smiling while he hit Weinstein, he certainly did not appear to be mad while he was slapping the power producer.

It is unclear if Weinstein filed a police report.


Weinstein has been spending time in treatment in Arizona after a New York Times exposé accused him of varying degrees of sexual misconduct, including several women who have alleged he raped them. His team has repeatedly denied he has ever raped anyone.

"Any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein," his team has repeated.