Harrison Ford Under Investigation for Airport Incident

An incident with a plane has prompted an investigation into Harrison Ford. The Star Wars star was [...]

An incident with a plane has prompted an investigation into Harrison Ford. The Star Wars star was piloting an aircraft at Hawthorne Airport in Los Angeles on Friday when he crossed a runway where another craft was landing. After the Federal Aviation Administration announced it would be launching an investigation into the matter, a representative for Ford has told CNN defended the actor's aviation skills.

"Mr. Ford crossed the airport's only runway in his aircraft after he misheard a radio instruction from [Air Traffic Control]," the representative said on Wednesday. "He immediately acknowledged the mistake and apologized to ATC for the error. The purpose of the flight was to maintain currency and proficiency in the aircraft. No one was injured and there was never any danger of a collision."

The FAA had previously stated by email that it was "investigating an incident in which the pilot of an Aviat Husky taxied across the runway at Hawthorne Municipal Airport Friday afternoon while another aircraft was performing a touch-and-go landing."

It's not the first time Ford's piloting has caused problems for him. He was in a plane crash on March 5, 2015 back when he was 72 years old. Afterward, his son, Ben, gave an update of the situation for his fans on Twitter. "At the hospital. Dad is ok. Battered, but ok!" he wrote at the time. "He is every bit the man you would think he is. He is an incredibly strong man."

In 2018, Ford accidentally crossed paths with a Boeing 737 that was carrying 110 passengers at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. No one was hurt in the incident, and the actor himself spoke frankly to a Federal Aviation Administration employee when he called himself "the schmuck that landed on the taxiway."

Back in February, Ford made headlines after cracking a joke about President Donald Trump. While promoting his recent feature The Call of the Wild, he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host held up a doctored photo of Trump on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter. "That's the first thing that son of a b— has done for me — ever," Ford quipped, before breaking out in laughter.

Ford is next slated to appear on the TV series The Staircase, a drama about a man accused of murdering his wife. Then there's the long-talked-about fifth installment to the Indiana Jones franchise, which is currently slated for a 2022 release.