George Clooney Reveals He Sews His and Wife Amal Clooney's Clothes

First, George Clooney revealed he cuts his own hair, and now the Oscar winner is coming clean about another unexpected skill. In an interview with AARP The Magazine, Clooney revealed that he sews his wife Amal Clooney's clothes after learning to make repairs himself during his bachelor days. Clooney, 59, also explained why his lack of a social media presence could be tied to his 2018 scooter accident.

"I do a lot of sewing the kids’ clothes," Clooney, who shares 3-year-old twins Ella and Alexander with Amal, told AARP. "And my wife's dress that tore a couple of times. I was a bachelor for a long time and didn't have any money, and you have to learn how to repair things." Clooney said the skills he picked up during that time would make him the perfect celebrity to be stranded on an island with. "If we were on an island and you had to pick somebody to help you survive, I would pick me," the former ER star said. "Ask all of my friends, and they would pick me, too. I can make a waterspout out of this and a pitcher out of that."

One thing Clooney has no intention of learning is how to use social media. The actor does not have verified public accounts, which will not change any time soon. “I pulled the generator back, pulled on the fan belt, put it back on. And we were back on the road,” Clooney said. “But I'm intimidated by anything on the internet. Like, if I push a button and something goes wrong, I panic. I'm a Luddite when it comes to that.”

Clooney's 2018 scooter accident soured him on social media. The actor was hospitalized in Sardinia after his scooter crashed head-on into a car that turned into his lane. Clooney was thrown in the air before he landed on the ground, surveillance footage reveals. Clooney said people were rushing to take pictures of him instead of helping him to the hospital. "For them, the worst moment of my life was entertainment," Clooney explained. "People are getting killed because they're taking a shot of a car crash coming toward them. We're living in this world where everybody is trying to make themselves fascinating or important or something. When the reality is: Put that phone down."


The hardest part of the coronavirus lockdown has been not seeing his or Amal's parents. His parents are both in their late 80s, so Clooney has little time for people who complain about missing events. "My friends will talk about their kids and how they couldn't go to prom, and I go, ‘It's awful that they missed that. They'll be fine. It'll be a blip on their radar,'" Clooney said. "People in their 80s, they're, like, 'You know, come on, man.'"

Clooney recently starred in his first movie since 2016, The Midnight Sky, which he also directed. The movie was released on Netflix on Dec. 23 and also starred Felicity Jones and David Oyelowo. While promoting the movie last fall, he told CBS Sunday Morning he actually cuts his own hair. He got the Flowbee, which was perfect for his hair, although he would definitely not use it on Amal's.