George Clooney Celebrates Filming Wrap in Italy a Month After Scooter Crash

George Clooney appeared unscathed on Tuesday as he officially wrapped filming on Catch-22 following his scooter crash earlier this summer.

Clooney has been filming the Hulu original series, which adapts the classic novel, in Italy all summer. On July 10, he was hospitalized following a terrifying traffic accident. Security footage showed him getting hurled off his scooter and into the air. Still, in set photos published by PEOPLE on Tuesday, Clooney appeared no worse for wear.

See the photos here.

Clooney wore sneakers, loose-fitting khakis, a light white shirt and a big smile as he celebrated the successful shoot. The 57-year-old appeared to reach absently for his leg at one point, but he walked around with no obvious trouble.

Clooney was released from the hospital before long, and his injuries were deemed non-life threatening. Still, photos from the scene had his fans extremely concerned. Clooney's scooter was battered, as was the front of the Mercedes he had hit. Most terrifying of all, the car's windshield had a large smash in it, as though something — or someone — had hit it at a high velocity.

Clooney took a few days to rest with his wife, Amal, but he was back on set in no time. He has been eager to work on the Catch-22 adaptation for some time now. The show will put Joseph Heller's beloved novel on screen for the first time in nearly 50 years. Clooney plays U.S. Air Force commander Scheisskopf, but he is also the director of the series.

The show will be distributed several companies through a unique collaborative agreement. In the North America, it will go up as a Hulu original series. However, in the United Kingdom the show will air on Channel 4, and in Italy it will play on Sky Italia. All three companies had a hand in the series' creation.


Catch-22 is a World War II satire, skewering the bureaucratic loopholes that plague governments, militaries and, by extension, the rest of society. It follows a U.S. Air Force bombardier named Captain John Yossarian, and tells his story in stilted, non-chronological terms.
In Clooney's series, Yossarian will be played by Christopher Abbott. Abbott starred in last year's hit thriller It Comes at Night, though he may be even more recognizable for his recurring role in HBO's Girls.

The series will also star Kyle Chandler as Colonel Cathcart and Martin Delaney as Sgt. Towser. The show is currently slated for a 2019 release, though a date has not been set.