Gene Simmons' Daughter Sophie Celebrates Huge Milestone

Legendary rocker Gene Simmons' daughter, Sophie Simmons, is marking a major milestone as she follows in her father's musical footsteps. The 28-year-old singer took to Instagram over the weekend to celebrate after her hit single with DJ Felix Cartal, "Mine," went platinum. In the post, Sophie was all smiles as she showed off the plaque marking the single's success, writing, "i can't even express how thankful i am."

As Sophie's post racked up hundreds of congratulatory messages, with many saying that the honor was "well deserved," Cartal, one of Canada's top EDM producers whose real name is Taelor Deitcher, also took to the social media platform to celebrate. In his own post, he wrote, "Ahhhh MINE just went platinum! SO WILD." Tagging Sophie, he went on to thank "everyone who shared, listened, and supported this song of ours! i am so grateful." Sophie responded to the post with a red heart and fire emojis, with Cartal replying, "i'll always keep this plaque warm inside my heart."

"Mine," the duo's first collaboration together, was released over the summer, with a music video releasing in July. Wonderland wrote that the song followed Cartal's "irresistible sonic formula: melting melodic electro-pop sensibilities with slick body-shaking bass lines, this time relaying an ode to lost love with the honey vocals of singer Sophie Simmons." Speaking to the outlet, Cartal explained how each verse of the song "is about a different kind of love," adding that "in the first verse we have been sixteen and your childhood, verse two is a post-college adult and, the bridge is a more mature adult looking back." He said he and Sophie "wanted it to be folk-ish in melody and in production to emphasise the focus on it being a narrative, really story-driven," with Cartal explaining that "the drop melody is Sophie singing a clean sweet melody and it being distorted kind of like what happens when one looks back on memories."


Speaking to the Vancouver Sun, the duo revealed "Mine" was the result of a collaboration going back about five years. According to Cartal, the two were waiting for the right fit and "when Sophie played me the basic mix of Mine, I just loved it." Simmons co-wrote the song with the production team called the Gifted. She said the song was on hold for a while as she waited to find the right collaborator, something she admitted was "a scary thing, to turn someone down and say no, when you are just getting started as a songwriter. But finding the best possible home with someone who is a friend and also who made the song turn out in the best case scenario made it all worth it."