'Friends' Cast Not Reuniting for Secret TV Project, Despite Rumors

It is another sad day for Friends fans, as yet another reunion rumor has been debunked. Recent reports have suggested that Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc have been working on a top secret TV project together. However, the story has now been reliably debunked.

Aniston, Cox and LeBlanc were half of the ensemble that made up Friends, one of the most beloved and enduring sitcoms of our time. A recent report by OK! Magazine claimed that the three actors were meeting up in secret, as they worked on developing a new TV project to capitalize on the success of their history.

"For a long time, there was talk of the entire cast doing a reboot," a source reportedly told the outlet, "but in the end, producers decided the show's premise would never work with them as older adults. So Jen, Matt and Courteney got the idea to do a totally different show with a whole new vibe and cast of characters."

Upon closer inspection, it looks like there is nothing else substantial to back this story up. According to a report by Gossip Cop, the article is untrue. A representative for LeBlanc said that there is no secret project in the works, and the reporting is "just not correct." Sources close to Aniston and Cox said the same.

The outlet speculates that the rumor is based largely on the recent string of Instagram posts featuring the Friends cast back together. Aniston recently joined the social media site for the first time, kicking off with a photo of the old gang together.

Cox posted a similar photo before that, which featured Aniston and LeBlanc. She and Aniston have had some outings with co-star Lisa Kudrow recently as well, however, as some skeptics have reasoned, the actors would likely keep their rendezvous a secret if they were developing such a secretive project.

The original report by OK! went so far as to speculate that Cox, Aniston and LeBlanc hoped to get their former co-stars on board once the idea had some momentum. The alleged insider claimed that the trio was working on a 30-minute show, and they were open to breaking the sitcom mold.

"They're not opposed to doing a drama instead. They think a fresh format might just work," the source claimed. "They all think it would be fun for Lisa [Kudrow], Matthew [Perry] and David [Schwimmer] to make guest appearances."


"Courteney recently invited Jen and Matt to her place to toss a few ideas around," the source claimed. "The brainstorming session went really well. Matt, Jen and Courteney loved the decade they spent working together on Friends and remained close after the show came to an end in 2004."

Sadly, it looks like the whole story was incorrect. Fans have a few more months to binge-watch Friends on Netflix before the show migrates over to the upcoming NBCUniversal streaming service, Peacock.