Floyd Mayweather Treats Himself to Multi-Million Dollar Jet for 41st Birthday

It's hard to buy somebody a gift when their worth is around a billion dollars and their last boxing match earned them a cool $300 million in a single night.

So when Floyd Mayweather's birthday rolled around on Friday, the undefeated boxer decided to get himself his own present — a custom-made private jet.

Mayweather took to Instagram on Saturday to show off the new jet, writing "I got a new jet for my birthday [Air Mayweather]."

(Photo: Instagram/@FloydMayweather)

The welcome mat for the jet features black leather seating and a chrome interior. The welcome mat reads "50-0, THE BEST EVER."

According to Daily Mail, this is the third jet in Mayweather's impressive collection, which also includes a custom-built 12 seater Gulfstream III jet in 2016.

(Photo: Instagram/@FloydMayweather)

Mayweather celebrated his birthday in style on Saturday night by partying at The Reserve in Downtown Los Angeles at a 50 Shades of Grey themed party. Celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Bobby Brown, Mariah Carey and Jamie Foxx were all in attendance according to TMZ.

Mayweather earned his 50th career win back in August by defeating mixed martial arts dual UFC champion Conor McGregor. Mayweather won in the 10th round via TKO.

The five-division former boxing champ has been teasing at fighting inside the UFC in recent months, posting videos of himself entering UFC-style octagon rings while poking fun at Conor McGregor on Twitter.

McGregor, never afraid to do a little social media sparring, responded with a tweet reading "Hahahaha very good. Keep up the good work my son. Yours sincerely, Senior." He then posted a photo of himself with his son Conor McGregor Jr with the caption, "F— the Mayweathers."


Mayweather said in an interview with ESPN that he'd be open to the idea of making the transition over to UFC, looking to make a billion dollars and facing McGregor in a rematch in the process.

"Exactly what I said is this: If I could make over a billion dollars before, I could do it again," Mayweather said. "If I chose to get in the UFC and fight three fights or fight four fights and then fight Conor McGregor, I could make a billion dollars. Which I can. I could do it in three fights or even four fights — I could make a billion dollars if I choose to get in the Octagon and fight."