'ER' Actress Vanessa Marquez, Who Accused George Clooney of 'Blacklisting' Her, Killed in Officer-Involved Shooting

ER actress Vanessa Marquez, who once accused George Clooney of "blacklisting" her, has been killed in an officer-involved shooting.

According to the South Pasadenan, officers responded to a wellfare check call when the woman they were there to check on reportedly became distraught and pulled a "BB-type" gun on them that "resembled a semi-automatic handgun."

The officers responded by returning fire, ultimately leading to the woman's death. While the suspect's identity has not been divulged by law enforcement, the outlet noted that a source confirmed that Marquez was indeed the woman involved.

"At the time [of the shooting] there was an LA County mental health clinician here with the officers," Lt. Joe Mendoza, of the L.A. Sheriff's homicide bureau said in a statement regarding the incident. "They began to communicate with her, she became very uncooperative and during that contact she armed herself with a handgun, she pointed it at the officers and an officer-involved shooting occurred."

He also added that they were advised the suspect "was undergoing some medical problems, some seizures, it appeared that the female was gravely disabled," then adding, "I don't have any more specific details due to the fact that officers have not been interviewed as of this time."

It was noted that Marquez had written on her personal Facebook page about issues with celiac disease and seizures, but there did not seem to be any indication of metal health issues.

The police had gone to check on her after her landlord called to say that she was in some kind of trouble, which is when the tragic scene then unfolded. Additionally, police reported that this was not the first time they were called to her residence.

Marquez's most prominent role was on the aforementioned medical drama, ER, where she played Nurse Wendy Goldman from 1994 to 1997. She also appeared in an episode of Seinfeld and in the film Stand and Deliver.

In 2017, Marquez made the blacklisting allegations against Clooney, tweeting that he "helped blacklist me when I spoke up about harassment on ER... Women who don't [sic] play the game lose careers. I did."

She also claimed that she was "racially and sexually" harassed on set, but did not indicate who may have been responsible for the misconduct. She did not, however, suggest that Clooney was responsible for any of those incidents.


Clooney has subsequently denied any wrongdoing or actions of singling her out. At this time, he does not appear to have commented on the news of her death.