Emily Ratajkowski Goes Topless in Sudsy Bathtub Photo

Emily Ratajkoswki left little to the imagination with her latest topless Instagram photo.

The stunning model gave fans a peek of her self-care routine Saturday morning when she posted a casual photo of herself, wearing nothing but gold hoop earrings and lounging in a soapy bathtub. Ratajkowski held a half-full glass of white wine on her right hand and played with some foam on her raised left hand.

(Photo: Instagram/Emily Ratajkowski)

The only thing keeping her chest covered was foam from the filled tub. The photo was decorated with a doodle of a smiling sun, as the real sun lit the photo, making the model's hair shine flawlessly.

While there is no comments section on Instagram Stories, we can only imagine the compliments Ratajkowski was getting in response to the sultry photo.

The actress has made it a habit to grace her Instagram followers with sultry images of herself, most of the time using the platform to promote her swimsuit collection.

She also recently made headlines when she posted a topless photo of herself filtered with a vintage look. Ratajkowski has said in the past she posts the risqué, and often nude photos, simply because she wants to.

"From the beginning, when I didn't have as much popularity, I made the decision to be as honest as I could about who I am and what I believe, and I have never apologized for that," Ratajkowski recently told Glamour. "I could have been like, 'I'll never post a sexy selfie again because I want people to take me seriously as an actress,' or I could have said, 'I'll never talk on political issues because I want people to see me as this sex symbol,' or whatever."

As she sees it, her sexuality is a way of expressing feminism, despite what haters say about her risqué shots.

"To start saying that certain people need to have a license to be feminist is insane," Ratajkowski said. "Emma Watson said feminism isn't some kind of tool to beat other women with, it's supposed to be a freedom of choice. And I believe in sexuality. I think it's a wonderful thing and, if anything, I want women to understand their own sexuality outside of a patriarchal male gaze. We're the core of sexual beings, and I think that's something that should be celebrated rather than attacked."

Ratajkowski recently made her second major film appearance on 2018's I Feel Pretty, playing the role of Amy Schumer's friend. The movie follows Rene's (Schumer) journey toward true confidence and self-love. She meets Mallory (Ratajkowski) at the gym, and holds her up as the epitome of beauty. However, the story goes on to show that everyone has their insecurities, even a super model like Ratajkowski.


The model and actress has three other projects releasing in 2018, including a TV Movie. Ratajkowski's career has barely begun, and we expect a long and illustrious career.