Elvis Presley's Ex-Fiancee Slams Priscilla Presley's 'Untruths' Over Problems Before His Death

Elvis Presley's former fiancée, Ginger Alden, has an issue with how her role in the late rock star's life is portrayed by his ex-wife, Priscilla Presley. In a piece of writing excerpted by The Express, the model blasted "untruths" she said Presley's ex perpetrated regarding his mental state as it related to the end of his life in 1977 and their relationship.

"Elvis and I did not take our engagement lightly. I find the omission of our engagement (as well as my existence) with Elvis bewildering considering Elvis's ex-wife asked for me during Elvis's wake and told me she knew how much Elvis loved me. WHAT HAPPENED?" Alden wrote of her role in Presley history, as per The Express. Refusing to mention Priscilla by name as she alleged was previously done to her, Alden claims Priscilla told people, "Elvis eventually became unhappy and wanted to end [his engagement with Alden], even going so far as to say this added to some of his problems."

"I am appalled and disgusted by these untruths and would like to say to Elvis's ex-wife, how dare you!" Alden continued. "I certainly don't remember his ex-wife in Lisa Marie's bedroom in the early hours of August 16th when Elvis began discussing wedding plans and setting a date with me."

This would put Presley discussing a wedding just hours before his death on Aug. 17. "My hand was shaking as we kissed and stepped out of the bathroom into the bedroom," she said of the proposal. "My hand was still trembling as he kept lifting it to look at the ring saying, 'Oh boy.'" In the end, Alden claims Presley was looking forward to marriage, "more children," films and touring. "He was in a good mood, we had just set a wedding date literally hours earlier and he told me a couple of weeks before he passed that he had been off too long," she said of the day before his death.


Alden continued, accusing Priscilla of being uninterested in Presley's books and attempting to use his private plane for a jewelry venture the singer was "not happy about" as well as alleging she wanted to set her father up in a wine business in California. If definitely seems like there is still some bad blood on Alden's end, but she wrote of her view of Priscilla now, "As far as Elvis's ex-wife goes, I will respect her position in Elvis's life when she respects mine."