'Duck Dynasty' Alum Sadie Robertson to Star in Scripted Series

From reality television to scripted series, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is gearing up to show off her acting skills! Not only will she be joining a new series as an on-air talent, she'll also be a producer. And if that wasn't enough of a wow-factor, the series is also about one of her novel's, Life Just Got Real.

Dumb and Dumber and The Princess Switch producer Brad Krevoy hopped on board of the project to help bring her vision to life. While she will make a guest appearance, according to Deadline, her main role is to be behind-the-scenes; however, she is looking forward to dipping her toes into a different kind of television after becoming so popular from reality TV. "I am so excited to jump into the world of scripted television, and be doing it with Brad who has been producing positive, inspirational entertainment for years," she told the outlet.

"My hope is that this world be an encouraging show for people to watch together that has an inspirational message woven within. I can't wait to get started!" Krevoy also had nothing but great things to say about the 23-year-old and expressed their thrill for the new partnership. "We are thrilled to be partnering with Sadie. Her energy and vision are one-of-a-kind and we have no doubt that this show will be a huge success," he said. "There is a tremendous audience that is hungry for Sadie's special brand of family entertainment — and we're proud to be the ones delivering this content."

While she's busy with starting that, her personal life won't be slowing down either. The soon-to-be mom and her husband Christian Huff are patiently waiting to meet their sweet baby, who's due date has already "come and gone." Robertson recently took to Instagram to share a selfie she took alongside her hubby and in the lengthy caption she informed fans that they are patiently waiting. "WAITING. Honeys due date has come and gone and she's still snuggled up inside of me. I have to say waiting is hard... it's hard to be patient. It's hard to sit in the uncomfortable of being 'almost' to a miracle you're waiting for. It's hard when you pray and pray and pray but nothing seems to be happening. But I've realized my prayers are for my will, my wants, my timing, and out of my rush...," she explained.


She then continued to express how much stronger she's become from it. She continued to encourage her fans to be patient if they too are in a similar situation of being forced to patiently wait. She ended by saying, "From a fellow friend waiting."