Dr. Oz Steps up During Medical Emergency at Political Event

Dr. Mehmet Oz wad forced to take a break from his new career path, falling back on his medical roots during a recent emergency. According to TMZ, Oz acted decisively during the Pennsylvania Republican Caucus Meeting on Saturday morning when a man fell unconscious during the event. Oz, who is currently running for the U.S. Senate seat representing Pennsylvania, was able to give medical assistance to the man before emergency help arrived. 

Oz was reportedly due to speak next when the medical event occurred. TMZ reported that a state committee member collapsed (the publication did not reveal the man's identity). After the individual collapsed, Oz helped lower the man to the ground as he appeared to experience a seizure and lose consciousness. He later helped move the man onto a flat surface outside of the meeting room and, at that point, he reportedly suffered another seizure. 

Thankfully, the man was doing alright enough that he was able to talk to Oz while emergency medical personnel was on the way to their location. The individual was subsequently transported to the hospital for further treatment. Following the incident, the man is said to be in stable condition. Oz even heard from the man himself, as he got in touch with him after the event. Additionally, TMZ noted that despite the significant medical event, Oz still took to the stage at the Pennsylvania Republican Caucus Meeting, which took place outside Pittsburgh, to deliver his prepared remarks. 


The former daytime TV personality released a statement to TMZ about the incident and mentioned that his medical training definitely came in handy. He stated, "I am a doctor first and always will be, so I responded immediately to a call for help when a nearby man collapsed. Following the lessons learned from a life in medicine, I did my job until EMS arrived to transport him to a nearby hospital." This incident came amid Oz's bid for Pennsylvania's open U.S. Senate seat, which was left vacant after Republican Sen. Pat Toomey announced his plans to retire. Oz has no experience in politics aside from his previous position as a member of President Donald Trump's Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. In his essay announcing his run for office, he wrote that his experience in the medical field "positioned me to make difficult decisions to help people in need and fight to empower my viewers."