DJ Khaled Debuts 43 Pound Weight Loss Transformation

DJ Khaled reached a huge weight loss milestone on Tuesday, and shared his celebration with his fans and followers.

Khaled has taken a slow and steady approach to weight loss, and it is starting to pay off. The 43-year-old hip hop icon posted a video this week, celebrating his new weight of 250 pounds. He explained that he had begun at 293, making this a staggering 43-pound drop.

"A year ago I told y'all it's coming OFF!" he wrote. I started at 293 lbs and now I'm OFFICIALLY 250 lbs!! They CALL ME SLIM JIM!!"

The video showed Khaled's momentous weigh-in with a Weight Watchers coach. It also featured some of his characteristically inspirational speech, gesticulating and talking about how healthy he feels. The rapper even video-chatted with someone who appeared to be Diddy to share the happy news.

"I'm in a 2XL tee! ... Yo, Puff, they're calling me Slim Jim!"

Khaled thanks Weight Watchers for his success, saying that the organization and its program were responsible for his success. He invited his fans to join him.

"Thank you [Weight Watchers] for changing my life!!" Khaled wrote. "And I ain't stopping! We gon keep winning with the Freestyle Program!! I promise you!! It's coming OFF! Join me and win with me on [WW]. The new Weight Watchers."

For Khaled, there is no rush to a goal weight or physique. The rap mogul explained that the plan he is using is for a long-term journey to weight loss. Khaled is one of Weight Watchers' celebrity "ambassadors," and his post constitutes an ad as well as a personal triumph.

"I'm not racing! I'm not speeding! I'm cruising! Ride with me through the journey."

Khaled became a Weight Watchers ambassador in January of 2018. He joined a huge cast of other celebrities representing the company, including director and podcaster Kevin Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Kate Hudson and many others. The company has undergone a massive re-branding in recent years, going by simply "WW" rather than its full name.

Khaled has not wavered in his commitment to the plan, posting about it regularly on social media. Last month, he revealed that there have been bumps in the road, but he still expects to win the battle for his health.

"New year, new goals, new blessings. I've been sharing my [Weight Watchers] journey for a year now and real talk there's been major wins but also some tough times," he wrote at the time. "But I'm COMMITTED. AND IT'S COMING OFF."

He clicked with the program early on, taking about the Freestyle Program he uses in an interview with Fox News back in February of 2018.


"Man, Weight Watchers is going good. The Freestyle Program is doing real big. It's a real lifestyle because all you have to do is not go over your point [total]," he said. "And there are so many zero points [foods] in case you get hungry. I got the freestyle dance."