Demi Rose Gets Fired up on Instagram After Airline Nightmare

Demi Rose Mawby recently was one of many across the globe to have nightmare travel experience. The 27-year-old Instagram model and influencer, who boasts nearly 20 million followers on social media, has become known for her journeys across the globe and revealing outfits. This time around, the trips weren't perfect, which she shared with fans, but were relatable experience every traveler's worst nightmare: lost luggage.

Mawby opened up about her experience with Iberia airlines in a Monday, Dec. 19 Instagram Story, revealing that despite her luggage having been lost months ago, it still hasn't been located, Mawby writing, "it has been months now since I never reclaimed/I got my suitcase stolen." According to Mawby, the incident occurred as she was taking a connecting flight via Iberia airlines from Madrid to Costa Rica. The model said despite the issue, "[Iberia] have been no help," explaining that the airline has only offered her "the cost of my actual suitcase," but not the cost of the items that were inside it. Although Mawby did not specify the contents of the luggage, she later shared that she sources "different vintage items from all over the world."

"Be very careful! I believe somebody there uses the time as an opportunity to steal," she continued. "Never has this happened to me and I source many different vintage items from all over the world that can't be replaced so I am really disheartened there has been no attempt on their side to locate it."

Mawby, who vowed that she would never again fly with Iberia, also revealed that she is not the only flyer to have experienced this issue. In her Monday post, she revealed that she "saw somebody mention on TikTok they also had their suitcase stolen on a route with [Iberia] through Madrid." In a later post, the model shared a DM one of her followers sent her. That person said the "same thing happened" to them during a flight from Madrid to Mykonos in August. That flyer said they had "5k worth of valuables inside. I never got it back." When that traveler flew back to Madrid in an effort to locate her bag, they said "the stadd were awful and no help." Amid the reports, Mawby warned, "seriously guys! Don't fly with [Iberia] I wish I didn't!"

Despite the nightmare, it hasn't stopped Mawby from globetrotting. Just days after opening up about her experience with Iberia airlines, Mawby again took to Instagram, where she shared some stunning photos from her travels to London, quipping, "you're my cup of tea."