Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling's Husband, Hospitalized With 'Pneumonia, Possibly Meningitis'

Dean McDermott was hospitalized over the weekend, the 52-year-old revealed on Instagram Monday, revealing that he had "never been so sick in my life." The former Chopped Canada host wrote that he was hospitalized Sunday night with pneumonia, and that it could be meningitis.

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"So this happened last night," he captioned a selfie from his hospital bed on Monday, hooked up to tubes and monitors. "I got admitted to the hospital with pneumonia, possibly meningitis. I've never been so sick in my life!!!!"

"Thumbs up and spirits up though," he continued, adding the hashtags "[sick as a dog] [ain't no thang] [this to shall pass] [blip on the radar]."

He had previously shared with his Instagram followers that he wasn't feeling well. In the caption of a video of himself laying down in bed at home, he wrote on Saturday, "I'm so BUMMED!!! I've been laid out for 2 days because I threw my back out. Now I got hit with a fever of 102. I feel like a big pile o [poop emoji]!!!"

He said in the video that he injured his back while picking up a towel to dry his face.

“Epic fail!!” he wrote. “How’d I get the 102 fever?? Courtesy of [my son] Finn McDermott. Needless to say it ruined the family’s plans to fly to Vancouver today.”

McDermott, who has been married to Beverly Hills, 90210 star Tori Spelling since 2006, joked that he is "going to be one ornery elderly person" someday. "I get really pissed off when I can’t do things and move the way I want. And I’m already ornery as it is!!" he added. "What’s the lamest way you’ve injured yourself?? Please share. I need a laugh. #sick #backsout #injury #fever #grumpy #crustyoldman #ornery #blah #ivethrownmybackoutandicantgetup."

In the comments section of Monday's post, McDermott wrote that the infection that sent him to the hospital was "possibly" the source of his back pain. Infection or no infection, he still had time to plug an upcoming episode of his new podcast, Daddy Issues.

The podcast, which McDermott co-hosts with Adam Hunter and Nicky Paris, has made a few headlines since its debut in June, with McDermott speaking out on the affair he had during his marriage to Spelling. He explained that because his father didn't really give him "any advice" that he learned "how to be a man" on his own, leading to more than a few mistakes.

"I really, really wish that I had been given the knowledge of think with your head, not your penis, because I did a lot of thinking with my penis," he said on the debut episode of the podcast.


McDermott, 52, and Spelling, 46, said "I do" in 2006 and are parents to Liam, 12, Stella, 11, Hattie, 7, Finn, 6, and Beau, 2. He is also dad to son Jack, 20, from his first marriage. In 2013, reports surfaced detailing that McDermott cheated on Spelling with then 28-year-old Emily Goodhand while on location shooting Chopped Canada. Spelling and McDermott documented the aftermath of the scandal for two seasons on the Lifetime series True Tori.

"It's so not about the person you're with," McDermott said on the podcast. "For me, it wasn't about T. It was about inadequacies in myself, I felt so bad about myself, I felt like a piece of s—, I needed to do that to feel some kind of power. It was horrible and I'm an asshole, piece of s— for doing it, [but now] our relationship is better than ever. That was a rough Christmas, we came out the other end."