Daytime Emmys 2019: Judge Judy's Lifetime Achievement Speech Has Fans Applauding

Judge Judy's lifetime achievement award at the 46th Daytime Emmys was a special moment for more than just the TV judge. Folks at home were touched to see their favorite personality hit the stage and shine the way she does on the TV screen.

Judy Sheindlin was presented the award by Amy Poehler, who heaped praise on the judge and even became her "BFF" in the process, but the real joy came when Sheindlin got the chance to speak.

She not only called out Poehler for her great introduction, Judge Judy also shared a bit of a story about a time before she was a judge.

"Young lady, why are you taking the seat of a man who is going to use his law degree to make a living?" the TV judge said she was asked on her first day of law school. The rest is pretty obvious, but she did close it with a fine bit of advice.

"So the moral of that story is, you challenge a kid from Brooklyn at your own peril."

She also talked about her success in life and how she looks at living in general.

"Live has a beginning, a middle and an end. Most of us don't remember the beginning; I'm having an absolute blast in the middle; and if my luck holds, I won't be around for the end," Sheindlin said to close out her speech.

Fans on social media didn't hesitate to heap praise upon the TV judge.

"That judge Judy segment was actually pretty inspiring," one fan wrote on Twitter.


"I love you!!!!!!!! Well deserved honor. Thank you for being an example of good in this world," another fan added.

The appearance at the awards gave fans another chance to see Judge Judy's new hairdo too. Fans have been gushing over the ponytail look for weeks after Sheindlin made the debut on new episodes of her long-running judge TV series. Much like then, fans loved the look during the Daytime Emmys.