'Days of Our Lives' Star Judi Evans' Legs Were Almost Amputated Amid Coronavirus Battle

Days of Our Lives star Judi Evans recently opened up about her experience battling the coronavirus. According to The Sun, the soap star is currently in the hospital battling the coronavirus and recovering from a horseback-riding accident. Evans' battle with the coronavirus became so dire at one point that she almost had to have both of her legs amputated.

In an interview with Good Morning America on Tuesday, Evans, who appeared on the program from the hospital, spoke about her current health battles. She said that while she was in the hospital recovering from a horseback accident that she began to feel symptoms related to the coronavirus. Evans said, "My fever started spiking, and I said, 'Can we test me for COVID,' because they had taken me down a few times for tests without a mask on. And they did, and it came back positive." Days before her appearance on the morning program, Evans' rep, Howie Tiger Simon, told his client's fans that Evans was still in the hospital recovering.

On Sunday, Simon wrote on Facebook that Evans contracted COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, while in the hospital. He then shared that Evans dealt with coronavirus-caused blood clots in both of her legs and that, on multiple occasions, the situation almost led to her having her legs removed. Simon noted that Evans has also been experiencing fever, aches, and a cough as she deals with the illness. The soap actor's rep also alleged, "When she went into surgery on one of her legs, they forgot to numb the leg and cut into her leg while she was fully conscience with no numbing of the area!"

Even though she has had to deal with all of this, Evans reportedly remains in "good spirits." She is also eagerly looking forward to testing negative for COVID-19 so that she can "go home and get the rest she so needs." Evans originally entered the hospital weeks ago because of that aforementioned horseback riding accident. According to Soap Opera Digest, the Days of Our Lives actor had been horseback riding on a trail in Los Angeles when her horse got spooked, sending Evans backward. As a result of the incident, she suffered a broken collarbone, broken ribs, two chipped vertebrae, and a collapsed lung from blunt force trauma.

Wildly enough, the incident may have actually saved Evans' life as doctors later found a blood clot in her right lung, which did not come as a result of the accident. The soap star told Soap Opera Digest following the accident, "I'm grateful for all the prayers and support from family, friends, colleagues and fans and for my horse, which probably ended up saving my life! I miss my husband Michael, who I haven't seen in a week because of the COVID-19 restrictions in the hospital."