'Days of Our Lives' Fans Saddened by Star Tyler Christopher's Arrest

Fans are reacting after Daytime Emmy winner Tyler Christopher, known for his role of Stefan DiMera on NBC’s Days of Our Lives as well as his time on General Hospital, was arrested on his 47th birthday for public intoxication. After news of his run in with the law broke Wednesday morning, fans of the actor, who left his role on Days earlier this year, flocked to social media to comment.

“Sheesh, I’d hoped he got his act together, this saddens me so much, hope gets the help he needs!” one fan wrote.

“This is a shame, and I hope TC soon gets the help he clearly needs,” another person added. “But it does explain why TPTB at [General Hospital] opted for a recast even though the OG actor was available.”

“Tyler’s life is more important than acting on a soap. Im praying for his recovery & healing and that his family and friends show him that they love him and will walk through recovery with him,” a third commented.

“My prayers for Tyler is to receive any help that is needed and that he will overcome any and all demonic forces that he struggles with,” one tweeted.

“I hope he can find the help he needs.... Prayers for him and his family,” a fifth wrote.

According to TMZ, Christopher was arrested in Martinsville, Indiana on Monday night and booked into the Morgan County Jail on $225 cash and $1,000 bond. It is unclear if the actor, who is also known for his longtime role as Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital, is still being held or if he has been released.

Christopher’s arrest comes amid a troubling time for Days of Our Lives. On Tuesday, it was reported that producers had released the entire cast from their contracts and Days would be going on an “indefinite hiatus” at the end of the month. Although neither NBC nor Sony Pictures Television commented on the news, it seemingly signals troubling times for the long-running soap opera, which may now be facing cancellation.

While it is reported that NBC and Sony are in negotiations to renew the series, the news means little considering that releasing the contracted cast members from their commitment to the show means that there is no guarantee they would return for a renewed season.


“It’s actually a shrewd — if cynical — business move,” an insider said. “If Days gets picked up, [Corday] can offer the actors new contacts at a reduced rate and with a ‘take-it-or-leave’ it attitude. Worst case scenario, they lose half their cast. Best case scenario [for Corday], everyone agrees to return at a lower salary.”

Days is set to stop production at the end of the month, with production currently scheduled to kick off again in March. The series will have enough episodes to run through summer 2020.