'Days of Our Lives' and 'All My Children' Alum Chrishell Stause Reveals Mother's Cancer Diagnosis

Days of Our Lives star Chrishell Stause's mother has only months to live after being diagnosed with lung cancer. In a heartbreaking post shared with her followers on Feb. 4, the 38-year-old actress revealed that her mother has been diagnosed with the same form of cancer that had killed her father just months earlier. Stause, who also starred in All My Children, said she learned of her mother's diagnosis that same day, which also happened to be World Cancer Day.

"I just found out today is [World Cancer Day] eerily on the same day I found out my mom has 1 to 2 months to live from the same lung cancer that took my dad on Easter," the actress wrote. "I can't make sense of what life is teaching me yet, but my heart is with every person fighting this horrible disease and every person that it robbed a loved one from."

Stause shared the heartbreaking news alongside a photo paying tribute to cancer survivors, those currently battling the disease, and those who have sadly lost their battles.

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As Stause mentioned in her post, the tragic news comes less than a year after she lost her father to cancer. On the day of his death, the actress had reflected on the impact of his loss in an emotional post.

"We lost you today but it was a long terrible battle with cancer that started taking you years ago," she wrote. "I choose to remember you the way you were before it took it's hold on you. You are at peace now, and ever the Catholic man at heart, I think you chose Easter for a reason."

"I grew up in an unconventional family and my dad was a drummer-the heartbeat of the music," she continued. "Today we lost the heartbeat of our family but I am happy knowing he took his music to heaven. It just got alot more rock and roll up there. We love you so much."

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News of the most recent tragedy to rock her family is being met with messages of support from Stause's fans.

"Life doesn't make sense sometimes," wrote one person. "I cannot believe how much crap has been thrown your way in the last few months. I'm so incredibly sorry, Chrishell."


"I'm so sorry Chrishell," added another. "Hoping for a miracle... you deserve it."

"What a horrible time you are going through at the moment," commented a third. "There really are no words. Sending prayers for your Mum."